developed naturally from originally just plans to hold a party into a calendar of awareness and fundraising activities with lots of Steve’s friends and community involvement.
The objectives of STRIVE FOR FIVE are:

  • To support Steve as he strives to pass the 5-year survival mark
  • To raise awareness of bowel cancer
  • To raise funds for the charity Beating Bowel Cancer

Steve wants STRIVE FOR FIVE to show the world that bowel cancer can be successfully treated and that people with bowel cancer can lead fulfilling and fun-filled lives.

Steve’s Story

Steve was diagnosed with Stage 4 (advanced) Bowel Cancer in June 2013. Since his diagnosis he’s not only taken the disease on, but has also been active in helping others with bowel cancer. Steve volunteers for the charity Beating Bowel Cancer as a Patient Voice, a Forum Moderator, a Campaigner and a Fundraiser. He hopes that sharing his story can help others tackle this disease positively.

beating bowel cancer logo

The Charity – Beating Bowel Cancer

All funds raised will go to the charity Beating Bowel Cancer. This is a small but amazing organisation that does so much good work to help people like Steve on their bowel cancer journey. Beating Bowel Cancer is the support and campaigning charity for everyone affected by bowel cancer.
  • Providing practical and emotional support for the growing number of people affected by bowel cancer
  • Promoting early diagnosis of bowel cancer
  • Campaigning for the highest quality treatment and care for bowel cancer patients
Beating Bowel Cancer provides support directly to patients, their carers, friends and family in a variety of ways including booklets and factsheets, the only dedicated bowel cancer nurse helpline and the online patient forum.


108 Sun salutations

Join Anne Jansen in an invigorating practice of 108 sun salutations to coincide with the Autumn equinox.
This special 90-minute experience is designed challenge and centre you.

Thhis is taking place at The Marlow Club and is open to members and non-members.

Sunday 24 September at 2.30pm. Call reception to book your place

Bear Beard 365

Steve and his friend and fellow patient Martyn Syzer are growing their beards for a full year which is going to be itchy and fun!

The Great Hair Off

Rachel Brown is growing her already long mane of hair for another year before getting it cut off to be used to make wigs for children with cancer. She’s getting sponsored to raise money for Beating Bowel Cancer through Strive for Five.

The Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon

Pip Cahill is running her first ever half marathon as part of Strive for Five. You could join Pip as part of the Strive for Five / Beating Bowel Cancer team or simply encourage her with sponsorship.


You can keep up to date with all the fun and successes of STRIVE FOR FIVE on Twitter and Facebook.

Get Involved

Find out how you can donate, participate and support STRIVE FOR FIVE.



simply couldn’t happen without the help and support of so many wonderful people and organisations who have freely given time and resources to make this all happen. Steve would like to say a warm and deep felt thank you to everyone who has been involved at all stages:

Lovely Companies:

M&F Health – Communications

Grace Comms – Concept Design

OPEN Health – Website design

The Marlow Club

Lovely People:

Alexandra Legouix, Annabel …, Arooj Urwin, Beko Kaygee, Beko Kaygee, Brian Bower, Caroleee Leybourne, Anne Jansen,  Davinder Ojalla, Jane Clark, Kerena Lines, Michelle Livings, Nikki Kenward, Philippa Cahill, Rachel Brown, Sandy Royden, Sophie Juge, Steve Munn, Steve Smith, Tracey Henry, Vivien Campbell and Nicola Marie Rivers.