STRIVE FOR FIVE was set up by Steve Clark and his friends to celebrate him approaching the magic 5-year mark since being diagnosed with advanced (stage 4) bowel cancer.

Now that he’s smashed that, the objectives of STRIVE FOR FIVE are:

  • To raise awareness of bowel cancer
  • To give hope to people with advanced bowel cancer
  • To raise funds for the charity Bowel Cancer UK

Steve wants STRIVE FOR FIVE to show the world that bowel cancer can be successfully treated and that people with advanced bowel cancer can lead fulfilling and fun-filled lives.

STRIVE FOR FIVE has reached hundreds of thousands of people with this message of hope via radio interviews, presentations, this website, fundraising events and social media.

STRIVE FOR FIVE has raised almost £20,000 for Bowel Cancer UK . Thank you to everyone who’s helped and supported so far – there’s more to come!

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Steve’s Story

In June 2018 Steve celebrated his fifth anniversary since being diagnosed with Stage 4 (advanced) Bowel Cancer, this is a significant milestone as only 7% of people with this diagnosis survive to 5 years.

Since his diagnosis he’s not only taken the disease on, but has also been active in helping others with bowel cancer. Steve volunteers for the charity Bowel Cancer UK as a Patient Voice, Forum Moderator, Campaigner and Fundraiser. He hopes that sharing his story can help others tackle this disease positively.

We’ve recently added some videos of Steve telling his story to Alexandra Legouix, we hope you’ll find these uplifting, you can find them on the ‘Steve’s Story’ page and our YouTube channel here.

The Charity –  Bowel Cancer UK

All fundraising go is for the charity BOWEL CANCER UK.

This is a small but amazing organisation that does so much good work to help people like Steve on their bowel cancer journey.

BOWEL CANCER UK is the UK’s leading bowel cancer charity. They’re determined to save lives and improve the quality of life of everyone affected by bowel cancer. The BOWEL CANCER UK vision is a future where nobody dies of the disease.

BOWEL CANCER UK is the support and campaigning charity for everyone affected by bowel cancer.

  • Providing practical and emotional support for the growing number of people affected by bowel cancer
  • Promoting early diagnosis of bowel cancer
  • Campaigning for the highest quality treatment and care for bowel cancer patients
  • Funding research to improve diagnosis and care of people with bowel cancer


Video on Improving care of advanced bowel cancer

Newly released in October 2018 is this video based on Steve’s presentation to the IMPACT meeting last year.

Here Steve highlights the gaps in care from a patient’s perspective and how things could be improved.

This falls into three areas of focus:

  • Consistency of care and networking between hospitals
  • Fair access to innovative new therapies
  • Language and outlook of doctors and nurses

With commitment from the charities and professional groups such as the Association of Coloproctologists of UK and Ireland then we can improve things!

Tips for coping with bowel cancer

Steve is positing a series of tips based on his own experiences and those of his fellow patients. Hopefully these will help anyone facing this disease, especially those with advanced bowel cancer.

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Stories about living with advanced bowel cancer

We are working with a number of our friends to share their stories of how they lead full and active lives with advanced bowel cancer. 

These are in development and we hope to start publishing them before the end of the year. 

BCUK Patient Forum

Steve posts on the Bowel Cancer UK online forum as ‘Bear G’ to offer help and support to his fellow patients.

He has recently passed the 5,000 posts landmark!

The forum is a great place for support from patients, relatives and friends and is a ‘safe’ and positive place as it is moderated by volunteers


You can keep up to date with all the fun and successes of STRIVE FOR FIVE on Twitter and Facebook.

Get Involved

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simply couldn’t happen without the help and support of so many wonderful people and organisations who have freely given time and resources to make this all happen. Steve would like to say a warm and deep felt thank you to everyone who has been involved at all stages:

Lovely Companies:

M&F Health – Communications

Grace Comms – Concept Design

OPEN Health – Website design

The Marlow Club

Alto Lounge, Caversham

Nomad Bakery, Caversham

The Walnut Tree, Bourne End

Lovely People:

Alexandra Legouix, Jocelyn Keen, Tony Saunders, Arooj Urwin, Caroleee Leybourne, Anne Jansen, Fran Kelland, Fran Presho, John Clark, Kerena Lines, Martyn Sizer, Michelle Livings, Nikki Kenward, Philippa Cahill, Rachel Brown, Sandy Royden, Steve Munn, Steve Smith, Tracey Henry, Vivien Campbell and Nicola Marie Rivers.